Designing Social Networks - Wireframe Sketches

With our chosen concept to create a site based on the sharing of children's art work, our next step as a group was to sketch our wireframes to begin visualising our sites. Our overall design was simple, with the sketches being limited to only 5 sketches. Things visualised included profile view, the newsfeed where posts would be display, a circles group option* and how the posts themselves would be displayed when clicked on. The idea was to keep the site as user friendly as possible: this was to ensure that whoever was using the site (either a parent with little or no computing experience or a child trying to upload their photo on their parent's account) could use it with ease and not feel that their is a huge learning curve to master the site. Below are the final wireframe sketches: *The circles group option is important later in the project, and while be touched upon in later posts.

IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0602 IMG_0603