Designing Social Networks - Site Branding (Doodle Friends)

Wireframes completed, we began to brand our site. What did we want? And what did we want the users to see? Our final colour palette stemmed from each of us picking 6 that we personally liked giving us 18 potential candidates. From there, we whittled it down eliminating 3 from each "category" until we were at 9. At this point we made the decision to pick and choose the colours we wanted in the final palette. What this left us was a variety of colours we could use to brand our site in a way we thought looked good*.

Final Colour Palettes Final Colour Palettes




Typography was something I had little to do with and was more focussed on by my team members than I. I have attached the fonts considered regardless, but while they were considering the fonts, I was working on the animations of the site, specifically deciding what we wanted each thing on the page to do and how it would react to the users. This was very early stage development though, and it was put on hold when our lecturer asked us to focus more on our branding of the site, which we did. We began to design our icons and buttons from scratch before finally putting together the first "drafts" of our site.



However this draft was short-lived as the group took the decision to overall the whole brand. The design was not taken lightly but in the long term it was for the best.

*At the time.