Designing Social Networks - Dot to Dot (Site Rebrand)

As mentioned in the previous post, the first attempt at branding our site was not considered a success; our group had a sudden u-turn one day where we decided to leave behind the bright colours and go for something more professional looking and sleeker. This was due to the fact that the amount of content that we would be showing that contained bright colours would justify our use of grey and white for the rest of the site. Likewise, the branding was also affected by our new name for our site - Doodle Friends and it's bright colours was ditched in favour of Dot to Dot and it's grey, sleek design. This name, along with the tagline "Lives connected through drawings", better showcased what we originally wanted the site to be based on. Since a significant amount of time had already been put into the Doodle Friends stills it was a lot of work to change the stills to the new Dot to Dot style; with the decision made it meant putting off the animation of the website and thus leaving us with no prototypes to showcase. Nevertheless, we got there in the end in time for a rehearsal presentation. While the animations were not complete, the basics were there and gave us good standing for coding the final animations for the final hand in.

dot to dot logo With TEXTURE



4 3 6 5 1 7


The circle structure above was critical in our project as it dictated who could contact who on the site. Our main concern was the fact since children are heavily involved with the site, we needed some sort of safeguards to protect them, as to avoid them being contacted by anyone they, or the parent, didn't know. To do this we decided not to give the children their own account - instead they are all linked under the parent's account, with the parent dictating who can see their child's post by selecting other users in their circles. Similar to Google's circles, users can join and create their own circles and on the circles page, the user can see every other user they are connected too, and whether or not these users are connected by mutual friendships to other users known. On the new post page, users can pick and choose from their circles which users get to see their child's post, giving the parent complete control over the privacy of the child.