Prototyping Digital Futures - Wire-framing

Wire-framing was the next step on our design process and the first visualisation on how our interface on the table would look. Wire-framing is the part of the process I enjoy and I took a bit more of a lead in this part of the project. We initially drew our wire-frames out on paper and in various ways to try and see how different interactions could take place. The interactions were broken down in to a step by step process:

1. Place your hand on the table.

2. Once hand is placed on table, hand is highlighted to show interface is activated.

3. Multiple hands on the table prompts the interface to ask if users want to connect with each other.

4. Using NFC connection between phone and table, user can confirm or decline  connection between users.

5. Option to place objects on interface is given.

6. The option to share moment is given between users.

7. On phone users can add text information to give moment context.

8. "Hand prints" are left behind after interface is no longer in use.IMG_1276 Initial step by step process.

IMG_1277 Sketched wireframesIMG_1275Wire-frame board handed in as a deliverable.

Despite not using them, I experimented with the Balsamiq software and created digital copies of the wireframes.

Momiad - PhoneMomaid - Full