Prototyping Digital Futures - User Testing

After the stress of putting together our prototype it was time to begin testing our product.  We asked an engineering student and an applied computing student to test our product and filmed how the testing for reference. In the test we simulated a couple using the table, with one of our group members being the partner of the tester. This was so that the tester had someone who was familiar with the product if they had any problems trying to use the project. In hindsight this was not the ideal way test our product since the testers were put off with the camera being visibly present. They also could not understand the need for testing and there was a slight problem with them not taking it as serious as it was meant to be. Nevertheless we still gained valuable insights into the how the user interacted with the table and it helped us refine our product.  This meant:

-redefining the phone application to make it easier to use and to make using the table clearer

-the design of the table itself and how it looked.

Below is footage of one of the more successful tests we had on the day.

User Testing