MSc Product Design - Your Supervisor

Your Supervisor is a new building entry system that asks the user to “punch in” when entering the building.

This consents them to being monitored during their time in the building as well as notify users of changes in their “big 5” personality qualities, assigned based on personal data volunteered on social media sites.

Your Supervisor then makes recommendations based on these qualities, all under the guise of providing a better experience for the user using their personal information. 

For this project, I had 3 hand ins to complete:

Creative Output - including Final prototypes:

4 A3 process boards detailing the various stages - Find, Play, Make, Talk:

One process booklet detailing the process from research to final solution:

Overall I'm very happy with everything I've produced - I'm particularly pleased how far my grasp of using creative technology to explore ideas has come, as well as my model making skills (which were not existent at the beginning of this year).