Daily UI 021 - Home Monitoring Dashboard

It's week 5 of my Daily UI challenge and the first prompt of the week is to create a home monitoring dashboard. I decided to design something that would help me keep track of the daily tasks, in the form of lists, that I've got to do around the house that could be accessed on any platform. As well as this, I made sure to leave myself the option to create additional lists for whatever I needed and that each lists are categorised by day, with the option to few feature days to pre load lists of tasks to do later in the week.

I'm still exploring Sketch, which is what I used to make this UI and finding the learning curve isn't too steep. I still need to try the prototyping features available to compare them to InVision's tool but for now I'm quite happy with the progress I'm making with getting familiar with Sketch. I think what I'm going to do is look for more plugins that will add a bit more quality of life and bring my designs up to the next level.