Personal Honours Project - One Minute Video

Satisfied with my app for hand in, I decided to focus my attention on the rest of the hand ins we would need - in particular my one minute video. Videos are something I'm not overly comfortable doing so this is why I decided to tackle this first so that it was done and out of the way.

In terms of what I wanted to show with my video, I felt the most important thing to show was to get across the idea that the learning experience could be accessed in a variety of places and that learning could occur at any time. When storyboarding, I also considered which features of the experience would be the most important to show. Looking through everything, I narrowed it down to:

  • Showing the learning goal screens when you first access the experience
  • The introduction to the exercise screen
  • The exercise overview screen
  • Task 1
  • "That's not right" screen
  • "That's right" screen
  • "Congratulations" screen

Showing these meant that I managed to show the various aspects of the experience that the learner would be come across while showing passage of time by showing these different screens in different locations.

Once everything was planned I began filming. The first scenes were shot in my flat's kitchen as I wanted the video to show the app in the most natural settings as possible and in less traditional places than where you would assume learning would take place i.e. avoiding libraries and other places of learning. The only exception to this rule was that one scene was filmed in the studio which acted as the place of work. 

Showing the user using the device in the car...

In a cafe...

Even at night...

Overall I actually really enjoyed shooting my video for this project and hope that it compliments the rest of the deliverables i.e. the 100 words and the great images. My video can be accessed here.