Daily UI 019 - Leaderboard

Day 19 of the challenge was to design a leaderboard, so for this prompt I decided to design a UI to show my current top most played songs in a leaderboard format, with the option to play the music video for the current number 1, as well as the videos in the rest of the playlist. The leaderboard would also track the increase or decrease in plays compared to the other weeks, signified by the arrows. If the track is particularly popular, they are starred to show this.

To continue my streak of using alternative software to Photoshop, I decided to give Sketch a whirl to create this UI and I'm really kicking myself for not trying it sooner. It definitely feels more robust and polished compared to InVision Studio, and I found it a lot quicker to pick up than InVision. This is really helping me feel reinvigorated about this challenge and I'm glad it's giving me the chance to explore different tools other than just relying on Photoshop.