Personal Honours Project - Thought Gathering

All of this week, I've spent time brainstorming ideas about my application. I've tried to keep loose during this time and follow every train of thought as they happened. At the end of the week, I assembled all of the 8 A4 pages together to create a map that explored various aspects of my project.

Some of the things I considered during the week what my inspirations were for my app, how some of the screens may look and what interactions would be implemented, how the branding may look, the "happy path" of a one of my personas as well as creating questions to ask myself based on design tips from InVision (part 1, part 2). Overall it was a successful week that helped me put my thoughts into perspective and visualised what I would need to consider when creating my screen states next week. 


Considering Avatar branding.

Looking at the differences between non-linear and linear user journeys. While sketching these out I realised that my different personas would have different requirements. A free fledgling would opt for a non-linear user journey where as bright beginners and anxious amateurs would lean towards having a linear user journey. There were pro's and con's of each but I had to prioritise which of my user's needs were more important. Ultimately, I leant more towards structured, linear journeys as they seemed to be the norm for other learning experiences.

Breaking down LittleBits and seeing how they could be applied to teaching beginners coding languages. I made sure to pay attention to LittleBits when researching potential ways of replicating things digitally for beginners. I broke down how they could represent different parts of code i.e. batteries = the basics or the setup of code. This gave me the idea of working with "blocks of code" that I would eventually move on to play with, and take forward as one of my potential experiences.

Early app icon brainstorming. Originally drawing ideas of using the owl from the book Curiosity. 

A study on the various gestures I could utilise with a smartphone app.

Thinking about how to use search to help users reach their learning goals, or at least find their starting points towards working towards their learning goal.

Considering how applications could be linked together i.e. having a companion app on a tablet device which would act as the output, with the phone acting as a text-editor.

Exploring how to make user onboarding and engaging as simple as possible for learners to identify their interests when they first begin using the app and how to make the app personal to the user.  Making the app personal I feel adds that personal element which is important to make the user feel more at home and ultimately work towards creating a better user experience.

Planning the information architecture and the user journey. Also deciding what parts of the application to focus on prototyping. 

Rough sketches of what the overview page of the app would look like.

Downloading content to phones seemed like an important issue to think about since applications ultimately would work better if they can function just as normal with or without an internet connection. The ability to download content to phones seemed like this would be a solution.