Daily UI 012 - E-Commerce Shop (Single Item)

Week 3 of the challenge begins with a prompt to create a UI for an e-commerce shop and specifically for a single item. I felt that this was quite a nice prompt to ease myself into the week. I decided to create a UI for a streaming platform that allowed you to rent movies, and choose the release of the new Star Wars film as my single item to sell. I pulled the colours from the cover of the film and imagined that the coloured elements would change to match the predominant colour of the colour of film the user had selected. I kept the rest of the UI simple, making sure to make the streaming options predominant as well as a short description of the film. 


While I was happy with this design, I feel like I've fallen into the scale trap again which just reinforces that I need to take the time to properly scale my designs, or at least create a template I can use, as I tend to use the same size for my web mockups. I also think on reflection that I've maybe missed out some extra information that might have been essential e.g. I should maybe have featured the names of the main cast and the director, as well as the run time of the movie. I think I maybe got caught up in the details of the rest of the design that these details have slipped through.