Communication Futures - Going Public

Over the last few days we’ve been trying to get as much attention for Baxter as we can!

We started by posting a “Something’s coming to DJCAD” video on Facebook. It received 8 likes, 2 shares, 331 views and reached 1072 people in total! This was a great start for us, and hopefully helped to get people intrigued in what was coming soon.

On Monday we posted four short interviews from our third year Product and Digital Interaction Design, below you can see a post about Dom. We have decided to write the posts as if Baxter is writing them himself.

Name: Dominic Bell
Age: 21

Today I met Dominic Bell in the studio. He’s a product designer who is currently working on “finishing a group module for the D&AD awards. It’s based on helping an internet coffee company use Facebook more successfully to attract 21-40 year olds to use their services.” He told me if he could be a dinosaur, he would be a Velociraptor!

Check out Dom the wannabe Velociraptor’s work here:

Baxter’s Dino Fact: Despite what was shown in the movie Jurassic Park, Velociraptors were actually the size of turkeys instead of the size of humans!


This post was really successful! Reaching 809 people, and receiving 36 likes and 204 people engaged. Tagging Dom in the picture helped to reach out to other people who hadn’t already liked our page.

So far Facebook has had the most engagement. Twitter is very slow to catch on (it has only been two days!)

On Instagram we have been posting a summary of our interviews and have had some interaction from people we don’t know.

In terms of Social Media Facebook so far has proved the most successful and we will continue to put the most detailed interviews and posts on here. With Twitter we may look to follow and tweet some successful accounts such as DJCAD and Dundee University. For Instagram we will continue with how it is going at the moment.

To help anyone we speak to keep up with our social media channels we have designed small business cards which fit into his backpack. We wanted to keep with the bright orange branding on the logo and have the details of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.