Daily UI 004 - Calculator

Day 4's prompt for the Daily UI challenge was to design a UI for a calculator. Rather than design an interface for a standard calculator, I instead designed a screen state for a simple mortgage calculator for a smartphone.

I mocked up the screen showing the option to calculate the user's mortgage based on monthly cost while also showing that the option to calculate their mortgage by maximum loan would be available too. For the monthly cost part, I made sure to emphasis the breakdown and details of their mortgage at the top of the screen as this was the most important information, including the actual monthly cost. Below, the user input fields to add the details to calculate the mortgage were underneath, as well as a button to recalculate the mortgage once new information had been added.

Overall I was pleased with how this design turned out, despite being quite simple. I can already feel my confidence in designing UI's building as I work away at the different prompts and I'm excited to continue the challenge.