Daily UI 006 - Profile Page 

Day 6 of the Daily UI challenge was to create a profile page. I decided to create a simple profile page to accompany the landing page I had designed for day 3. I had been envisioning a platform that provided a technology element to networking via smartphones and I wanted to visualise what the profile section of the site would look like.


Overall the profile was quite simple. I made sure to emphasis the user's name, the tag line and some relevant statistics for the site including how many events the user has hosted with the platform and how many contacts they've made through the platform. Underneath I provided a space to include a short bio for the user, as well as tabs to see upcoming events as well as past events. Finally, the two CTA's on the page were the follow button below the profile picture and the contact details button to receive that information.

I was happy with this design but I think what I'm noticing with designing for web is that I have a problem with scale, which I don't seem to have as much trouble with when designing for mobile. I think going forward it would be best for me to invest in time properly creating and sizing a grid template going forward to work on this.