MSc Product Design - Drawing a close to Find

With a strict goal in mind to keep 3 weeks for each stage, this week sees the drawing of the Find stage to a close - meaning that the bulk of my research is done and dusted.

To recap last week (week 2):

- I made a Python application that analyses personalities based on tweets from an active Twitter account. You can make your own one here.

- I sent out a questionnaire to gather some qualitative data on people's attitudes towards social media and internet privacy. While the information has been analysed, the questionnaire can be accessed here, while the general report of the results can be accessed here.

- I did a lot more reading, which I'll include a reading list at the bottom of the page.

This week, after a presentation by Linsey McIntosh where she talked about engaging people in our process, I decided to use the results from the survey to create personas. I was still struggling at narrowing down a specific target audience that I wanted to focus on and so Linsey suggested that personas would be a good start in narrowing down possibilities. From the results, the 3 personas I created were:

While these were completely fictional, I felt that they were successful in identifying who I should be targeting my product with. "Harry" was the strongest contender - it was people who would really benefit in partaking in conversation about his personal privacy that would get the most benefit out of my project. This was something to consider in my later steps of the process - I was keen to engage people like "Harry" in my Play and Make stages, possibly by doing workshops with them.

In terms of next step, play begins next week - my favourite stage. I'm looking into exploring RFID technology and expanding on my Twitter application. Meanwhile, I'd like to take these to the workshops potentially and begin engaging people in that step of the process. I've also been coming up with potential speculative design scenarios that I think would be interesting to create products in response too. The two that I've settled on for now are:


Things I read in week 2:

Digital Privacy is Making Antitrust Exciting Again -

The Transactional Self: Psychologist Jerome Bruner on Social Mutuality, the Paradox of Privacy, and How Storytelling Shapes Our Sense of Personhood -

From Invisible Ink to Cryptography, How the American Revolution Did Spycraft and Privacy-Hacking -

Why are some online extroverts not extroverted in the physical real world? -

What does it mean to be an introvert online? -

What does it mean when we need to take a break from Facebook? -

Facebook and Online Privacy: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Unintended Consequences -

Beware online "filter bubbles" -

Growing Up Wired -

Border Crossing The Premediation of Identity Management -