MSc Product Design - Twitter Personality Texts

Today I spent the day further refining my Twitter application I'd created a few weeks ago. While the badges I'd created yesterday were a good start in displaying that information physically, I wanted to create one of the ideas I had brainstormed on Monday when feeding back to Dean - sending text notifications to the user about their "big 5" qualities. For this, I used the Twilio API, which allows you to buy a number and send text messages through programs created in various coding languages - in my case, Python. 


It was a fairly straightforward process to integrate the API into my code but took a wee bit of tweaking to get the interaction working correctly. I had trouble figuring out how to condense the returned qualities into a string that could then be included in a text but this ended up just involving me converting the list to a string. I also added user input at the beginning of running the app, so that I didn't need to keep going into the Python file itself to swap out the username and phone number. 

Now when I run the app, I still get the usual result in the terminal:

But now it also sends out a text message with the results:


Which is already a much more visually appealing way of viewing the data! It also allows me to use this an interactive prototype with people, even if it is just in it's early stages. I did a quick bit of user testing with members of my family, just to make sure it was texting numbers out with my own verified number:

The results...

The results...

image 2.jpg

Again, I'm going to keep tweaking and adding to this app in the coming weeks - I'll want to use this in a potential workshop later in my process, but would like a refined version for showing off as part of my final hand in.