MSc Product Design - RFID + Twitter + Text = Profit

Following on from earlier in this week, I wanted to improve on the RFID prototype  - specifically I wanted to explore the possibility of sending a text message when an RFID tag is scanned and also send out a check in tweet.

Since I had the base code and circuit wired up from earlier this week, it was just a matter of implementing the desired features. I played around with several tutorials to try and send SMS messages through Arduino but it was proving difficult without the proper shields attached to the Arduino. This is when I had an idea.

Processing saved the day definitely for this part of the prototype - since it's very easy to connect Arduino to Processing, I could use Processing to handle all the web required functions for the prototype; in this case, interacting with the Twitter API and the Twilio API.


Now when the RFID scanner interacts with the authorised token, it sends a text message to an authorised phone number - mine in this case - and to a Twitter account created so that I didn't spam everyone with test tweets.

This opens up the possibility of allowing the building to text the user when they agree to be monitored by the building and then tweet where the user has just checked in - creating "cookies" for the building. My next steps is to look at what form this product should take.