Personal Honours Project - Mk. 1 Prototypes - Experience Prototyping #2

With the board ready to go, it was time to bring in the content for the experience. Thanks to the planning, I knew what I needed in terms of paper work for the experience. The hardest part was trying to word everything to make it clear and simple for beginners to understand. This was something though that I wouldn't be able to know if I had been successful at until testing so I did the best I could before hand.

For each 'hub' as I was calling them, I created a task, 9 hints and 3 possible answers for each task I was asking the learner to complete at each hub. On the back of each answer was the code associated with the possible action; I did this for learners who felt like they might learn better by actually seeing the code. The hints varied depending on the task - some would make the answer very obvious for the learner and some would only subtly point in the correct direction. Multiple choice made the overall task easier but still kept some sort of challenge element for new learners to code.

With everything prepared, it was time to bring the board to users to begin testing. I was very apprehensive about testing as I knew that if this experience prototype still didn't convey my idea then I would definitely have to go back to the drawing board, which would further eat into my time.