MSc Product Design - (Not Working) Mk. 2

Following Mk. 1 prototype feedback, I went back to explore the front face of the product to give it a more interesting face.

Once again I relied on the laser cutter to create the pieces. This time I did not make the prototype work, as I kept the casing dimensions the same and had already soldered the board from the last prototype.

I was glad I reopened the exploration of the front face as I now have a panel that is much more visually interesting than before. 

I started redefining the speech bubble shape by drawing on inspirations from geometric shapes which created an edgier and visually more interesting shape, as well as drawing inspirations for other products that work with speech in some form. 


I cut several front panels to visualise what these would look like once cut out. I was immediately drawn to the bottom left, which had a megaphone feel to it. 

IMG_1415 2.jpg

Once assembled, there was an immediate difference between the Mk. 1 and Mk. 2 prototype and redesigning the front face was definitely the key.