Personal Honours Project - Wireframes

With an idea of I was going to tackle the main experience and with it planned out, I referred back to my wireframes I had created when I was experimenting with the blocks and circles and path experience.

Originally I had created wireframes for a full application but on reflection, and to make the overall experience I was trying to convey with my prototype concise, I only took forward a small number of the wireframes I had created. 

In addition to this, I had to create several new wireframes to plan the experience and that acted upon the suggestions from user testing during Mk. 1 as well as the needs from my personas, bright beginners and anxious amateurs. 

Wireframes were mostly kept on paper with some moving forward onto POP (Prototyping on Paper) to give me an idea on how to create a fluid user journey for the experience before moving onto Proto.IO to begin building the prototype.