Personal Honours Project - Branding

After a week of deliberating what the app should look like and trying to draw inspirations from websites such as Behance and Dribble, I decided I had to start making something and began applying styles to the wireframes I had created.


Visual Language

When creating the brand, I was trying to draw inspirations from several sources. One of the major influences was the design language of iOS 9 as I knew this was the platform my app would be shown on. As such, I wanted my own app to look as native as possible on the device but still have it’s own unique visual language. After not really finding anything that I was in love with, I decided to try the branding I had established through out the year for documentation, presentations and my Mk. 1 prototype. Ultimately this worked out extremely well and I succeeded in creating an app that looked iOS native but had it’s own unique brand.


Colour Palette

What I found when working with the blues I had used was if correctly and in varying shades, it created a visually strong and appealing app. Breaking up the blues with white created a nice contrast and tied the app together. This palette I feel works well and is clear and legible for users.



For typography I used two variations of Proxima Nova (Bold and Regular). Bold would be applied to headings and parts of the UI that needed to stand out to the user. Regular would be used as body text. Despite being the same font, the two weights compliment each other well and meant that I did not require a second font to compliment Proxima Nova.



Tone of Voice

When considering my tone of voice, I was keeping my user at the forefront of my mind. To avoid the beginners feeling out of their depths, the app would need to be friendly, encouraging and easy to follow. Reassuring the beginner and building their confidence were my two of my goals that I’d hope to achieve with my experience. This is a reason why I think the blue works well for the experience - blue is a calming colour that is not as provocative in comparison to other colours I could have used.


Naming and Logos

When thinking of names for the app, Codable fit as a name that I felt summarised everything that my project was attempting to do - enabling adults to learn coding languages.

After deciding on the name, I sketched out various logos, focusing mainly on typography logos. In the end I opted for a logo that used Proxima Nova to fit with the typography of the app. I then drew a circle round the word to tie in with the other design language in the app. 


Final Brand