Changing Populations

MSc Product Design - Changing Populations

As people in the UK are living longer, design has had to adapt for this changing population and demographic. The brief for this module was to explore handle(s) as an embodied exchange between human and object, in relation to a specific task and for a specific context. The design response should ideally be rooted in people and either involve an individual or a group of individuals. The response should also allow people to interact with it to achieve the intended goal.

For this brief, I decided to focus on my grandmother and her struggles with arthritis - my response ended up being a study into how design could be used to alleviate her struggles with opening her hot water bottle, something she struggled with greatly due to her arthritis. In working together with my grandmother, I designed and prototyped a simple tool based on several insights I'd received during interviews. The tool was successful in alleviating the stress of opening hot waters bottles for those suffering with arthritis of the thumb.

The finished study can be accessed here.